Royston Vasey TFC

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Welcome to the reborn

3rd Incarnation

As of 7th May 2009 the second incarnation of Royston Vasey run by Ancient since the original Royston Vasey run by AndyT and Ethics Gradient on the Orange Business network in Bath (UK) closed its doors. The 3rd incarnation was located in the Netherlands and the mantle of Boss has fallen onto the shoulders of Tempted.

2013 updates

January 2013: The Dutch hosting provided by Mathijs (the man behind Games-Inside.NL) is coming to an end. The game servers are copied to Ancient's server in the UK while the web hosting lasts a bit longer.

April 2013: Ancient shuts his server down, Jolene kindly provides her previous Dustbot server to be used as the new RV main server. A few days later the domain and web hosting provided by Mathijs in the Netherlands ends. RoboCop is now hosting the website. The old domain ( expires and is currently under quarantine. Jolene buys a new domain ( which is now linked to RoboCop's web hosting.

The above image is the original box art from HL Blueshift that included TFC. Please note the 'M' on the package, this means Mature Rating, meaning in simpleton speak it is for 16+ year old people, and with that in mind your warning that the game may contain mature language is made.