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About roystonvasey

Royston Vasey is a small fictional town in the north of England, and the setting of the BBC television comedy series The League of Gentlemen; The town has a sign which ominously declares "Welcome to Royston Vasey. You'll never leave" and this became the name of a game server hosting a once popular online game called Team Fortress Classic, or TFC for short.


As mentioned elsewhere, RV was originally run by AndyT and Ethics Gradient (The server monkey) on a server based in Bath (UK). The server was predominantly a TFC server hosting such treats as "The Beard League" (A competitive TFC league). Sometimes the server was changed over for an evening so people could play CS (Counter Strike), another popular online first person shooter game. The server was changed over to CS for the odd evening so 'friends' who played TFC together could play another online game together.


  • Short paragraph about ancient taking over (2nd incarnation.)
  • Short paragraph about Tempted taking over (3rd incarnation.)

"Welcome to Royston Vasey".

"You'll never leave"

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