TFC scripts

Here you will find posts that were of interest and have been placed into this forum for information purposes...
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TFC scripts

Post by pizzahut »

Some commands are in the other thread (essential tfc settings).


cl_forwardspeed x - adjusts speed when disguising as a slower class
cl_sidespeed x
cl_backspeed x

Text comms

Voice comm should be used if possible, but if you prefer text comm, here are some scripts. Mind that some use the scr_connectmsg command to display a menu, this doesn't work any more except in slow software mode. (Meaning the menu is invisible, but you can still navigate through it blindly if you memorise the keys.) ... kup/comms/

Another note, for scripts using the echo command you need to enable developer mode (developer 1 in console). The text will appear at the top left corner.

Auto reload

alias +f "+forward;+reload"
alias -f "-forward;-reload"
alias +b "+back;+reload"
alias -b "-back;-reload"
alias +l "+moveleft;+reload"
alias -l "-moveleft;-reload"
alias +r "+moveright;+reload"
alias -r "-moveright;-reload"

Bind +f, +b, +l and +r.


alias zoom zoom_in
alias zoom_in "fov 20;alias zoom zoom_out"
alias zoom_out "fov 0;alias zoom zoom_in"
alias +zoom "fov 20"
alias -zoom "fov 0"

Bind zoom for a toggle, bind +zoom for hold.

Duck jump

alias +dj "+duck;+jump"
alias -dj "-duck;-jump"

Bind +dj.

Some useful console commands

bind "x" "exec name.cfg" - Change your name to default.
In name.cfg put: name "your name here even with spaces (hooray)"
bind "x" "ForceCloseCommandMenu" - Useful for closing the vgui menu without making a selection.
bind "x" "stopsound" - Resolves sound issues e.g. on shutdown2, when you can't hear the grenade timer any more.
bind "x" "say health %h, armour %a" - Health/armour.
bind "x" "say ::: HOWDY %i :::" - Last person under your crosshair.
bind "x" "kill" - suicide
bind "x" "snapshot" - screenshot in .bmp format
room_type 0 ; room_off 1 - remove echo (e.g. openfire)
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Post by Big Dave »

That Spy speed one has got to be bordering on a hack... It's one of the few ways you can spot a spy on some servers. Not sure I like that one!

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Post by Tempted »

i'll see your spy, and raise you my engineer!!

1) weaponswitch shotgun to spanner and back :

alias quick1 "tf_weapon_spanner;wait;alias quickweapon quick2"
alias quick2 "tf_weapon_supershotgun;wait;alias quickweapon quick1"
alias quickweapon quick1
bind key quickweapon

2) bunnyhop help/timer :

bind mwheelup "+bhop"
alias +bhop "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump"
alias -bhop "-jump"

3) quick build dispenser (+detonate) :

alias +dispenser "detdispenser; build 1; say_team"
alias -dispenser "build 3"
bind key "+dispenser"

4) quick build sentrygun :

alias +sentry "detsentry; build 2; say_team"
alias -sentry "build 3"
bind key "+sentry"

5) rotate sentrygun 180 and 90 (or is it 45?) degrees :

bind key "rotatesentry180"
bind key "rotatesentry"

6) quick build teleports (hold to build) :

alias +tele_ent "detentryteleporter; build 4; say_team"
alias -tele_ent "build 3"
alias +tele_exit "detexitteleporter; build 5; say_team"
alias -tele_exit "build 3"
bind key "+tele_ent"
bind key "+tele_exit"

where i added the word "key" you put in your own favored bind/key (dont add "")
only 1 i didnt change my binds to the word "key" is for the bhop script, use mousewheel for it is the easiest way to do it.

these build scripts bypass the menu, and only that.
each of those scripts do have a nice added bonus you might say, the bind/key you use to build any of it, is also used to detonate the buildable.
per example, i got dispenser build under mouse3, wich is the same key to detonate it, its why some people do not dare to get near my dispensers :P

and, have you ever had 1 of those pescy scouts or medics, run circles around your sg, wile shooting nails at it?
as a last resort, you now can detonate the thing right in his face ;) (same key/bind)

teleports dont really hurt when blown up..

the rotate options are important, some use the 180 only, i suggest using the 90 (45?) as well, to finetune the sentry's aim

the weaponswitch isnt really needed, but just a handy tool non the less.

add these to your engineer.cfg (not to config.cfg)

dont have a engineer.cfg?
np get notepad, and add these scripts to that, then save as engineer.cfg
it will automaticly be recognized by HL as a cfg file
bunnyhop is NOT a hack!!
also, i like kitties ^_^
further more, if you look up, you cant see your feet.

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Post by Organic_Oranges »

Slow morning so i figured id sign up n add a few (it might be adviseable to remmber your current settings as ive only tested these on my PC):

Graphics Quality Toggle
gamma 1.8
brightness 2
alias "hiqual" "echo HIGH_QUALITY_GRAPHICS;violence_agibs 1;violence_hgibs 1;gl_playermip 0;gl_texturemode GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST;d_spriteskip 0;gl_himodels 1;gl_keepjunctions 0;gl_clear 0;gl_dither 1;gl_lightholes 1;r_mirroralpha 1;gl_round_down 0;gl_picmip 0;ati_npatch 1;ati_subdiv 2;gl_monolights 1;alias qual dequal"
alias "dequal" "echo LOW_QUALITY_GRAPHICS;violence_agibs 0;violence_hgibs 0;gl_playermip 1;gl_texturemode GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST;d_spriteskip 1;gl_himodels 0;gl_keepjunctions 1;gl_clear 1;gl_dither 0;gl_lightholes 0;r_mirroralpha 0;gl_round_down 3;gl_picmip 1;ati_npatch 0;ati_subdiv 0;gl_monolights 1;alias qual hiqual"
bind "HOME" "qual"

Voice Volume
voice_enable 1
voice_fadeouttime 0.1
voice_maxgain 3
alias "vv1" "echo VOICE_VOLUME_LEVEL1;voice_scale 1;voice_avggain 1;alias vv vv2"
alias "vv2" "echo VOICE_VOLUME_LEVEL2;voice_scale 2;voice_avggain 2;alias vv vv3"
alias "vv3" "echo DEFAULT_VOICE_VOLUME_LEVEL3;voice_scale 3;voice_avggain 3;alias vv vv4"
alias "vv4" "echo VOICE_VOLUME_LEVEL4;voice_scale 4;voice_avggain 4;alias vv vv5"
alias "vv5" "echo VOICE_VOLUME_LEVEL5;voice_scale 5;voice_avggain 5;alias vv vv1"
bind "PGUP" "vv"
r_speed toggle
alias "rspeed1" "r_speeds 1;alias rspeed rspeed0"
alias "rspeed0" "r_speeds 0;alias rspeed rspeed1"
bind "ENTER" "rspeed"
Gib level
violence_ablood 1
violence_agibs 1
violence_hblood 1
violence_hgibs 1
alias GIBdefault "cl_gibcount 4;cl_giblife 25;cl_gibvelscale 1;echo DEFAULT_GIBS;alias GIBlevel GIB1"
alias GIB1 "cl_gibcount 25;cl_giblife 75;cl_gibvelscale 100;echo GIBS_1;alias GIBlevel GIB2"
alias GIB2 "cl_gibcount 50;cl_giblife 150;cl_gibvelscale 250;echo GIBS_2;alias GIBlevel GIB3"
alias GIB3 "cl_gibcount 100;cl_giblife 150;cl_gibvelscale 500;echo GIBS_3;alias GIBlevel GIBdefault"
bind "PGDN" "GIBlevel"
Tracer Colour
alias tracer1 "echo TEAL_TRACER;tracergreen 1;tracerblue 1;tracerred 0.2;alias tc tracer2"
alias tracer2 "echo VIOLET_TRACER;tracergreen 0.2;tracerblue 1;tracerred 1;alias tc tracer3"
alias tracer3 "echo YELLOW_TRACER;tracergreen 1;tracerblue 0.2;tracerred 1;alias tc tracer4"
alias tracer4 "echo WHITE_TRACER;tracergreen 1;tracerblue 1;tracerred 1;alias tc tracer1"
bind "END" "tc"

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Post by Big Dave »

Nice first post - thanks!

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Re: TFC scripts

Post by pizzahut »

The free web host I used broke some months ago, replaced the text comms in 1st post with a backup.

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